Good tools make good games, and that is the heart of our group’s mission – to make great tools which yield great games. We nurture a totally transparent and open community of thousands, from which a vast body of expertise is leveraged to make the Frostbite engine better for everyone, by everyone.

The best technologies are never developed in isolation - instead the perfect result is reached when we develop functionality in close collaboration with our game teams.

We spend time travelling to visit our game teams on-site in Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Guildford, Gothenburg, and of course Stockholm to understand their specific needs and requirements. Frostbite has presence and plays a key role at many different EA studios including DICE, BIOWARE Edmonton, BIOWARE Montreal, BIOWARE Austin, Ghost Games, EA Canada and Visceral Games.

Thanks to this tight collaboration with game teams and studios around the world, Frostbite is the most adopted technology platform within EA. We are great believers in flat hierarchal structures and self-organizing teams. We want all of our developers to have true influence in what we do and how we do it. It is expected that everyone in the team are open-mined, creative and committed to creating the best game development platform the world has to offer. We encourage cross-discipline collaboration and communication for all endeavors.