The Frostbite team was formed in Stockholm at DICE in 2006. Most of our founding developers are still leading our initiatives which has been crucial to our success. Over the past six years we have carefully expanded to meet the demands of our expanding user base.

Today, Frostbite developers come from all over the world including Sweden, US, Canada, UK, France and Belgium. Seasoned industry veterans and talented new graduates combine to form a mixture of diversely experienced developers. This helps us drive innovation while ensuring solid frameworks and functionality. We all share the passion to create great games and empower developers all over the world to shape the future of gaming.

Frostbite Stockholm hosts six of our development sub-groups; Audio, Core Systems, Mobile (Frostbite Go), Physics, Production Systems and Rendering. The Audio group delivers tools capable of generating award-winning sonic immersion. Core Systems works with key run-time systems like streaming, scripting, and messaging services. Frostbite Go is developing infrastructure for deployment to gaming’s largest growing market segment, mobile. The Production Systems group develops our editor framework (FrostEd) and all key backend services like the data build system (Blizzard) and the distributed caching service (Avalanche). Rendering delivers the cutting edge components necessary for photo-real visuals.

We share our office with the DICE studio in the city center of Stockholm. Our waterfront building is called the Glass House and is one of Stockholm’s most unique and recognized buildings. Together, we occupy the top three floors, all with great views and expansive patios for breaks and barbeques. It is a privilege and opportunity to work side by side with DICE; creator of some of the world’s best games.



Our global initiative requires an equally global presence for our software development teams, so in 2011 we opened a second studio. Frostbite Vancouver drives our technology forward with a focus on industry leading animation and cinematics.

Our location in British Columbia enables us to easily support and collaborate with many EA teams and studios in North America. We have incorporated ANT, the incredibly realistic animation toolset (used in EA games like FIFA, Fight Night, and Madden) to take Frostbite to the next level. Through this powerful combination of Frostbite and EA Sports technologies, we provide state of the art workflows and runtime solutions for our game teams.

Ultimately it is Frostbite Vancouver’s job to help EA developers breathe life into the inherently static precision of computer generated worlds. Our tools, workflows, pipelines, examples, and research and development are directly applied to the next generation of character locomotion, facial animation, visual effects, non-linear editing and cinematic sequencing, camera systems, dynamics, particle behaviors, ragdoll simulations, and more. We spend time travelling around the world to understand and interact in person with our diverse customer base. Most of the magic happens back in Vancouver where we bring it all together and provide solutions for the unique and exciting challenges we face.

We are a small team of highly educated, talented, passionate, and motivated collaborators whose experience spans many development generations and genres alike. We have worked directly on games like Need for Speed, Fight Night, Battlefield, Skate, Medal of Honor, SSX, Army of Two, NBA Street, Mass Effect, and many more unreleased prototype projects. We understand game development because we are game developers ourselves. We live and work in the most beautiful city in North America. This living world inspires us with vistas of endless natural and organized motion. Sounds good? Feel free to drop us a line; we are happy to explore how you can help contribute to our success!