A great game engine today has to support all the latest features, but also do it within an efficient and flexible framework that can grow and adapt in the ever-changing and competitive world of games.

Frostbite succeeds in this wider arena because it is much more than just an amazingly powerful and complex piece of software; Frostbite is a design philosophy, a way of thinking and collaborating.  It is the ongoing result of years of work by a dedicated team of engineers and artists to create a game engine and shared toolset capable of delivering the coolest features possible on todays’ gaming platforms, regardless of game genre or platform

The first generation of Frostbite was designed and built in conjunction with the game Battlefield Bad Company. Based on DICE’s experience with the large scale open world Battlefield series, Frostbite was  an ambitious game  engine that enabled large scale multi player interactions in dynamic destructible environments.

Frostbite 2 was a complete overhaul of the engine to provide a unified and streamlined software development environment, interactive WYSIWYG editor and run time package.  Frostbite 2 enabled and powered the amazing success of Battlefield 3, and set the stage for Gen4.

Frostbite 3 is the logical result of following through on the strategy embarked upon in Frostbite 2. The engine has been refined and tuned. The open and stable architecture is allowing allowed Frostbite  dev team to exploit the new consoles. It has also allowed the core team and its partner game teams to rapidly evolve the engine, adding new features and improved workflows without having to backtrack.  The improvements are across the board, in every aspect of the engine

Significant runtime and workflow improvements

Support for Gen4 and Mobile platforms

Multi-platform development by large distributed teams

And of course, a whole host of the coolest gameplay and visual features we have ever seen.


Living World

The entire world is alive in Frostbite games, immersing players into deep and dynamic worlds with always changing wind, water, and weather.

For many years, our developers have pursued realistic visuals. We have defined industry-leading visual standards by simulating real-world lighting conditions and depth of field characteristics.  The next step for us has the pursuit of realism beyond static visuals. Dynamic behaviors over time are key to immersion and believable worlds.  In our games, players will notice subtle movements in the world around them driven by changes in weather.  Prepare for the next level of realism, driven by Frostbite technology!