EASTL is now Open-Source!

We are happy to announce EASTL, the Electronic Arts Standard Template Library, is now officially open source software and available today on Github under the BSD license! The library offers a wide array of templated containers, algorithms, and iterators useful for runtime, and tool development across multiple platforms. We internally rely heavily on EASTL due to its extensive and robust implementations emphasizing high performance — making it perfect as a foundational technology for the Frostbite engine.

So why release EASTL now? With the rapid cadence of changes to the C++ language there was a desire internally to provide the C++ standards committee with a games industry perspective. By open sourcing EASTL, we are able to help the game industry as a whole make great, high performance games from large companies to small indie teams. As well, now that EASTL is open-sourced Electronic Arts is able to work more closely with the C++ standards committee, ensuring new language features are created with the constraints and needs of game development in mind.

Michael Wong, the C++ Standards Committee Games Dev Chair, had these humbling words to say in regards to EASTL being open-sourced,

“As the chair of SG14 on Games Development, I am excited to see the trend of cross-company collaboration move forward with the open source release of an industry-leading design on a C++ STL that is specially adapted to the Games industry. This too is the goal of SG14 which opens its arm to a collaboration between improving C++ for Games, which is one of the most dominant users of C++. EASTL has been in existence for many years, and benefits from years of continuous revision and improvement, and indeed was used as the beginning structure for further improvement for SG14 proposals. This is a great moment for the Games industry. Thank you to Electronic Arts.”

EASTL has been on Github now for one month and the community response has been amazing! A huge thank you goes out to all the contributors so far helping get the library settled into its new home.

Checkout the repository on Github:

Roberto Parolin
Frostbite Vancouver